Buy Recycled Children’s Clothes

Kit Out The Kids

Kit Out The Kids is a social enterprise involved in textile recycling.

We recycle all textiles including kids clothing which is sold at our shop. We create real opportunities for local people including those with disabilities.

We are based in Rhyl and our aims are:

  • Recycle and reuse children’s clothing items donated by the local community
  • Provide access to high quality clothing at a low cost to people living in one of the most deprived areas of Wales
  • Create work opportunities for people with learning disabilities through a wide range of activities associated with running a textile business
  • Divert textiles from landfill and reuse as much as possible locally
  • Local donations create local jobs and support services in our communities.
  • Supporting our local economy and its people

We specialise in textiles recycling and reuse and offer textiles collections as well a having many clothing banks able to receive donations 24 hours a day.