The Social And Environmental Benefits

Here in the UK we purchase just over 2.00 million tonnes of new clothing and shoes each year. We are throwing away the clothes we no longer want at a rate of 900,000 items of each year.

Keeping Textiles out of landfill sites

Discarded clothing and shoes are sent to landfill. We break this cycle of waste and stop clothing from being thrown away by reusing clothing whenever possible in our local communities, last year we stopped many tonnes of textiles going to the landfill site.

Textiles in landfill sites are a problem. Synthetic (man-made fibres) products do not decompose. Woollen garments do decompose, but in doing so they produce methane, which contributes to global warming and climate change.

The high level of jobs and support services derives the social benefits to people with a learning disability. You can read about these at